Snack Attack


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DON’T LET THE HUNGRY PERSON YOU LOVE GO SNACKLESS: Who doesn’t get a bit hangry (hungry + angry) once in awhile? When times get desperate and there’s not a single snack in sight

20 HANDPICKED CRACKERS, CHIPS & NUT SNACKS: People who love salty snacks need variety, too. That’s why we’ve chosen 15 different types of salty snacks – 20 individual servings in all. From chips to crackers, to pretzels and nuts – it’s all in here

WHAT’S IN THE PICTURE IS WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Have you ever bought a sampler pack and the products received weren’t the same ones advertised? Yeah, we don’t like that, either. With Hangry Kits, what you see is what you will get.


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